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Hello Everyone, 

Welcome to Suvichaars, I am Jaymin Shah. The Author of The Untold Love, A Walk With Myself, and a Co-Author for Fate N More, The Unvoiced Soul, We are the Poets. This page will give you the best thoughts which will be very unique for all. 


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The Untold Love is a book that will make you realise that what the real love is, and what happen when you are not able to express it.

This is the story of a common people who thinks that love is the life.

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Jayesh Punjabi, Banker 

The Untold Love is really amazing love story about Jaymin N Krutika, it feels like you keep on reading n reading as it creates excitement as to what will be next...very well described by Jaymin ..

I eagerly wait to read your daily thoughts,  it keeps you positive all day and refreshes your mind..  thanks Jaymin n keep posting...👍👍

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Farida, Home Maker

(B.ed, M.ed)

#The Untold Love# written by a dynamic personality Mr. Jaymin Shah....such a nice and adorable story about love...the most beautiful feeling in the world...
One must go through it....such an impressive story with all positive thoughts... 
Not only the story but besides this I m really impressed and became a fan of Jaymin sir thoughts.....
The thoughts written by him are such motivational and full of positive terms..which always bring happiness in one's life...


Monica, Law Student 

The "Untold Love" expresses the unexpressed love. The only thing that matters is that your love should be pure whether it is expressed or not. This book beautifully describes and gives inspiration to the young generation for the pure form of love.
Not only the book has inspired me a lot but also the daily motivational and life reality thoughts as works as a daily dose of motivation. Everyone needs to be pushed forward in one or another way to succeed in life and here is the easiest way I found. The daily thoughts and poems not only motivates but also explains the true meaning of life. So keep Inspiring and keep growing.

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Dhyani Patel Student 

A great writer ,Jaymin shah is well known for his great books like"The inner soul ","A walk with myself ","The untold love",and many other and also those which are going to come soon .He is very good inspiration for all the people. He is a successful person, as he has worked hard to reach to his success. May God always help him to get successful in his works and in his life....😊😊😊😊😀😃

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Krupa Valand

Jaymin Shah , a very good writer has written very motivational and inspirational books. One should read the book written by him such as The untold love, A walk with my self, etc. He is a great achiever and a very good hearted person. May God always help you to reach your goals🙂

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